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Beware of Puberty Comes Early or Even Late

Often a 13-year-old boy who has not changed his voice or a girl who has not developed breast at the age of 12 years, is considered to experience puberty delays. However, not only that. Recognize other signs, to anticipate puberty coming late or even earlier. Puberty is a time when children's bodies develop into adulthood, both physically and psychologically. In some children, puberty that comes sooner or later than they should, can be a sign of a serious condition. Puberty in Children In girls, puberty begins with the development of breasts, pubic hair growth, and the start of the menstrual cycle. Generally these changes begin when children are 8-13 years old. The overall body shape will also change with the size of the hips widened. While in boys, puberty begins with an enlarged penis, changes in sound that become heavier, the contours of the muscles of the body will be clearer, the chest is wider, with broad shoulders. This condition generally begins to occur at the age of